Roles and Positions

Diplomat – As the diplomat, you are responsible for acting as a communicator between the various layers of student government.

The diplomat’s duties include…

  • Working with all levels of the school’s government
  • Communicating with faculty, council members, and the general student population
  • Attending community forums where they provide data and perspective
  • Helping plan forum agendas

Diplomat Application

Secretary – The secretary manages the everyday organizational tasks related to running the student government and forums

The secretary’s duties include…

  • Taking and managing the organization of notes at community forums
  • Helping plan the agenda for community forums
  • Arranging meetings between council members and independent parties
  • Keeping track of information and feedback received at forums and meetings

Secretary Application

Director – Also called Director of The Forum, the director is the main leader of the student government for a specific grade level.

The director’s duties include…

  • Facilitating, recapping, planning and managing forums
  • Helping keep conversations on track and civil
  • Acting as a head to their respective classes
  • Attending meetings with all levels of the government

Director Application

Economist – The economist oversees class finances, managing both revenue and expenses, while overseeing the class budget.

The economist’s duties include…

  • Managing the money for their respective class
  • Planning class fundraisers
  • Taking care of grants issued by other committees

Economist Application

Public Relations Manager – The job of the public relations manager is to communicate with various stakeholders regarding the activities of the student government.

The public relation manager’s duties include…

  • Managing SGA social media pages
  • Advertising SGA fundraisers and events
  • Communicating to the general population of students about upcoming events and changes

Public Relations Application